Saturday, July 17, 2010

Splash-Proof Super-Fast Thermapen

Product Features

Color: Gray
  • NSF Approved
  • 3-second readings!
  • Improved accuracy and durability
  • Water-resistant design with Biomaster anti-bacterial additive
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius readings - 0.1 degree resolution for the full range - 572 degrees F

Splash-Proof Super-Fast Thermapen - Instant Read Thermometer, Perfect for Barbecue, Home and Professional Cooking

The Super-Fast Thermapen has been a favorite among restaurant chains, health inspectors and quality managers worldwide. Hundreds of thousands are in use. The clever fold-away probe and the simple pocket design replace more costly and bulky handheld thermometers while using the same professional thermocouple technology. This new generation Thermapen introduces a robust, splash-proof design with molded-in seals to protect the thermometer from wet hands and kitchen splashes. SPEED & ACCURACY - Even more accurate than before and slightly faster! Our proprietary circuit yields accuracies better than ±0.7¡F. That includes all errors! (many competitors don't include the probe error in their spec.) Each unit comes with a NIST-Traceable certificate of calibration showing test results for the individual thermometer. Resolution is now 0.1¡ over the full range. Improvements in the probe technology now yield a blazing fast speed of 3 seconds to a full temperature reading. NO CABLES! - The components most likely to fail in a commercial thermometer are the cable and its connector. Also, the typical handheld meter and probe combination requires two hands. What do you do with the cable when you're through with it? The competition want you to wrap it around the meter, which is time consuming and a natural trap for grime and bacteria! The one-handed Thermapen eliminates frayed cables, snags, germ traps and wasted time while freeing your second hand. SIMPLE OPERATION - Just open the probe and the Thermapen comes on. Close it and it shuts off. No buttons or switches to catch germs, confuse staff and cause errors. Configuration settings in the battery compartment allow management to easily set the Thermapen for ¡C or ¡F, read in tenths or whole degrees (0.1¡ or 1¡), and disable the auto-off for continuous readings till the probe is closed. Although likely to never be needed, a calibration trim button fine-tunes the unit calibration at a single temperature such as an ice-bath.
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 Splash proof Thermapen
Works as advertised. I wouldn't expect anything less for the money spent on this item.

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Highly Recommended Grill Thermometer:

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