Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tool Wizard Grill & BBQ Brush Wizard Grill Scrubber.

This brush was tested and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by Cooks Illustrated Magazine.

Product Features

  • More effective cleaning than brass bristle brushes
  • Replace the scouring pad in seconds
  • Woven mesh scouring pads are non clogging and washable
  • Large scouring surface area reduces grill cleaning time
  • Last grill brush you will ever have to buy!

Product Description

From Cook's Illustrated test Product Name: The Tool Wizard Grill Brush Manufacturer: Barr Bros. Price: $10.99 Recommendation Status :Highly Recommended Testers' Comments This highly recommended model has a lightweight polypropylene grip, and a single large, tough pad (with a spare included) that did an excellent job cleaning off a baked-on mixture of honey, molasses, barbecue sauce, and mustard. Testers with smaller hands felt it provided a more comfortable grip than its wooden-handled competitor. From Cook's Illustrated. Product Name Grill Wizard Grill Brush Manufacturer Grill Wizard Price $22.50 Recommendation Status Recommended Testers' Comments This brush successfully cleaned a molten mess down to the grill grate in a reasonable number of strokes. It features dual woven mesh stainless steel "scrubbie" pads that were not quite as effective as the single pad on the top-rated Tool Wizard model. The Tool Wizard Grill Cleaning Brush is the least expensive, highest quality, scouring pad grill brush available! The Tool Wizard Grill Cleaning brush scrubber cleans your grill better than brass bristle brushes every time! Works on all grill surface types except for teflon and will not damage porcelain grill grates.

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