Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oregon Scientific AW131 Wireless Thermometer

Product Features

  • Oven/barbeque wireless thermometer with digital LCD screen for perfectly cooked meat
  • Stainless-steel 6-inch detachable probe; temperature display from 32 to 572 degrees F
  • 8 entree programs; 4 doneness selections; 2 verbal and 3 audio alert options
  • Transmission range up to 330 feet away; low-battery indicator; batteries included
  • Main unit measures 5-3/5 by 2-3/4 by 1-1/2 inches; remote unit measures 3-2/5 by 3-2/5 by 1-1/5 inches

We'll let you know when your BBQ is ready from a football field away! No need to wait by the grill to find out when dinner is ready--this wireless thermometer verbally alerts you when the meat has reached the perfect temperature. Program your choice of eight entrées, choose the doneness desired and you're good to grill. Features include: Digital LCD screen with remote wireless probe to identify temperature/readiness of meat; Speaks in five languages with corresponding display (English, Spanish, German, French, Danish); and Programmable entrée programs include beef, lamb, veal, hamburger, pork, turkey, chicken, and fish. THE RESET BUTTON MUST BE PRESSED AFTER INSERTING THE BATTERIES.

Whether it's a roast for a dinner party or a turkey for the holidays, the handy Grill Right Wireless Talking Thermometer from Oregon Scientific ensures meals get cooked to perfection. The unit features a digital LCD screen and a remote wireless probe to identify the temperature of meat. Simply insert the stainless-steel 6-inch probe into the meat, run the 40-inch wire out of the oven or barbeque, and close the door. The sensor will display the current temperature ranging from 32 to 572 degrees F...  Read all description

Most Recent Customer Reviews

 Meets expectations...of being DEFECTIVE!
MANY reviews warn of defective probes with this unit. Well, it met those expectations (rather than the expectations that it should work properly). Read more
 Technology is a wonderful thing
I bought this unit after visiting my mother and father in law. My father in law (who does a lot of grilling) had one of these units and said it was the best gift anyone had ever... Read more
The unit did not/would not work. I followed the instructions to the letter several times, and the transmitter and receiver would not talk to each other. Read more

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