Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weber's Big Book of Grilling

Weber's Big Book of Grilling [Paperback]

This book is clearly designed to sell more grills. While Purviance (Weber's Art of the Grill), food editor of Appellation magazine, and McRae, Weber's in-house poet, offer many a delightful starter, entr‚e and dessert, the corporate affiliation of this book remains pervasive, like an unsavory aftertaste. Perhaps it's the way the authors unconvincingly strive to be homey, assuring us, for instance, that ketchup as they know it is always spelled with a "K." Or that many anecdotes revolve around a Weber success story, like the time a prime rib dinner helped the company clinch a large distribution contract with Sears. But tackiness aside, the book cannot be faulted for a lack of variety from beef recipes (Stuffed Herbed Tenderloin filled with a paste of rosemary, thyme, sage and mustard, Peanut-Curry Flank Steak) to turkey (Jalape¤o-Peach Turkey Breast, Firehouse Turkey seasoned with cayenne) to seafood (Tequila Shrimp, Gingered Mussels, Parmesan Breaded Scallops). The book is well stocked with helpful charts, glossaries and lists the dessert chapter includes 11 variations of S'mores. Unhappily, though, while Tim Turner's luscious photographs occupy many a full- and double-page spreads, the recipes are crammed two to a page in small type, making this book hard to use on the fly, or in the yard. (June)Forecast: With a foreword by Today Show weatherman Al Roker (who contributes his own rub recipe to the book), lush cover images and strong brand recognition, this book should sell well, but the promotional bonhomie will turn off purists. See all Editorial Reviews

Weber's Big Book of Grilling Reviews
 awesome book
everything about cooking on the grill, great recipes. note that this is NOT a "barbeque" book.

 Weber's Big Book of Grilling
We love this cookbook! The recipies are tasty and we have learned so much more about grilling, like using indirect heat. Read more
For Lovers of Grilling
If you can buy only one grilling cookbook, buy this one; it is the gold standard.


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