Monday, November 08, 2010

Lava Rock for Gas Grill Tips

7 lb. Lava Rock
In United Kingdom the Charcoal grilling is more popular than propane and natural gas barbecue under no doubt at all, because there are more expensive. It has several advantages over that they heating up faster and easily to clean and produce black smoke, much less in comparison of the charcoal grill.

The secondary types of heating element gas grills well-known as lava rocks. These work and look similar to charcoal, but lava rocks heated by the gas flame, and glow red when hot and can heat many times before they need to be replaced.

You need to clean and replace the rocks according the instructions given by the manufacturer. Be sure to keep these rocks clean if you want to avoid flaring-ups caused by grease getting stuck to the rock and then catching fire, which can burn the food. After you’ve finished all your grilling for the day, you need to adjust the gas burner to full power for to burn up some grease and drippings fat from the lava rocks.

Never use your grill indoors, even if you think that there is little or no risk of fire. Keep the grill away from anything that might be flammable, such as brush, trees, or keep them in the wooden outhouses. So avoid stacking Lava rocks should never be more than a layer deep, check and reorganize the lava rocks every so often to ensure even heating and cleaning and replace the rocks when they start to look dirty and break to ensure even your grill will function correctly.

Always thoroughly inspect your grill before you light  beginning, ensuring that the racks are clean, get rid of any old ash, which can rust the grill pan if it comes in contact with water, the cover fits the grill correctly, and that there aren’t any holes or cracks in the grill pan.

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