Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Plank Grilling

If you like the taste and smell of smoked Cedar Planked grilled Fish is a great event, this technique is remarkable as it gives you real smoke for flavor. In fact, legend has it that this approach to grill materializing as a result of fish cooking experimentation.

To start you'll want to get some clean cedar wood, you can also purchase it ready to use at nearly all sizeable grocery chains or order on the internet.

Typically I use cedar wood and maple, hickory, cherry or oak are obtainable. Ensure that there is clean and no chemicals, size of wood about 1/2 inch thick, long and wide enough to hold the fish fillets, soak the wood in water for several hours before use.

Brush your fillet with olive oil to prevent sticking to wood, you will not flipping or turning when plank grilled that fish, because it is heated from below. As we know the fire caused the wood to burn. If you remark that the plank has caught fire while you're cooking, Spray it down with water to help extinguishing fires. Nevertheless let it burn for a bit around the smoldering combustion of wood boards is what makes the fish taste and smell of smoke.
During the Grill, you can apply, oil or herbs if desired. When complete, remove the fish with a spatula or slide fish on a plate. Plank grilling fish really good way to grill fish, smoke adds to the flavor of the fish. Therefore, it can test different kinds of fish and wood.

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