Thursday, March 03, 2011

Great Tasty Turkey Gravy

To make the most effective tasting Turkey gravy you need a good rich soup, flour, and well-seasoned fat. For each cup of gravy will consist 1 cup of soup and fill one tablespoon of fat mix with one tablespoon of flour .

Start by bring the Turkey neck and entrails usually found in a packed into pot. Add enough water to overwhelm, add 1/2 teaspoon salt and some minced onion, diced celery, simmer until vegetables are tender. Add dice the turkey liver into soup and simmer for about 15 minutes. The turkey bones yield much more soup. You can use the turkey bones if you like, just add more onions and celery to the pan.

Make sure you use a 4-cup glass measuring cup drippings from the roasting pan, just after you've removed the cooked turkey and roasting rack from the roasting pan. Strain poultry drippings through a sieve into .

Add 3 tablespoons of corn oil to the bottom of the roasting pan.  Add to your turkey drippings. Stir around to get out the brown bits that have baked on. Wash the roasting pan out with the turkey soup or add water your going to use in the soup if you haven't made it yet.

Remember you will need one tablespoon of fat, one tablespoon of flour and 1 cup of soup for each cup of gravy. You can add some canned chicken soup for light on soup and you can add a small number of corn oils  for light on fat. You can save the rest of your broth for storing and reheating the turkey.

Tricks to make great tasty turkey gravy:

First take the measured fat and combine with the proper  number of measured flours in a medium saucepan. Place on burner. Make sure you have covered all the flour with fat and blended it well.  Slowly bring the flour and fat mixture to a simmer until It will be bubbly; it begins to smell slightly salty and the color will be a light brown. Slowly burn to a simmer.

Remember you can let it stay somewhat thin or let it cook out until it is thicker than your Mashed potatoes. Just you stir until it thickens up to your liking.

The easily choice for Turkey:

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