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Barbecue Smokers Grill Tips

Char Broil Silver Smoker
Barbecue smokers add a delectable smokey flavor that at the same time makes food moist and tender every time. The slow cooking processes of using barbecue smokers is perfect for fish, meat, vegetable or sausages. However most barbecue smokers are intended for small barbecues only.

1. Basics Of Barbecue Smokers

The construction of a barbecue smoker is basically the same as a standard barbecue grill. However with a barbecue smoker the closeable lid is designed to trap in smoke to cook the food. Barbecue smokers are either direct or in direct. The direct barbecue smoker is basically a unit with a closeable lid and aromatic wood chips are combined with the charcoal. The smoke produced by the chips and charcoal cooks the food placed within the smoker. This gives the unique flavor to the food. In direct barbecue smokers are similar to the direct barbecue smoker with a unit and closable lid, this is the grill unit. However the in direct barbecue smoker has another container, the smoker unit, that hold the woodchips and charcoal. The smoke passes into the grill unit and gives flavor to the barbecue.

Barbecue smokers may either be electric or gas and may use real wood or charcoal for smoking. Both types of barbecue smokers can be used for private and commercial settings. At the same time there table top barbecue smokers that are transportable. Depending on the skill level of the user there are several types of barbecue smokers to choose from.

2. Water Barbecues Smokers for Beginners

- Ideal for beginners
- Vertical type barbecue smoker
- Has a bowl of water located between the base and cooking racks
- Generates moisture throughout the cooking process
- Relatively inexpensive
- Great way to get started in barbecue smoking
- Very hard to regulate heat

Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker3. Electric Barbecue Smokers

Next to the water barbecue smokers are the electric type smokers. These models are more expensive compared to the water smokers thereby producing better-smoked food. One perk of using an electric smoker is that there is no need to light a fire.

However many traditionalist smokers would dislike this feature of the electric smoker. The electric barbecue smoker makes for hassle-free cooking, allowing the cook to spend more time with the guests rather than tend the fire. It also involves less care and upkeep compared to traditional barbecue smokers.

4. The Charcoal or Log Barbecue Smoker

Offset Charcoal Grill and SmokerThe charcoal or log burning barbecue smokers is the next step to the electric barbecue smokers. This type of barbecue smokers is reserved for the truly skilled smoker that appreciates the fine taste of quality-smoked food. The taste of food smoked in charcoal or log burning barbecue smokers is truly savored with every bite. Charcoal or log burning barbecue smokers are larger in size and heavier compared to water or electric barbecue smokers. These types of smokers are outfitted with handle-bars and wheels making transport reasonably easy. At the same time charcoal or log burning barbecue smokers have been controlling for thermal regulation and smoke generation providing more choices for cooking.

5. Maintenance Tips

Maintaining a barbecue smoker doesn't require much effort. For most brands of barbecue smokers sold in the market today, it is essential to fire up the unit and let it burn on the highest heat for about one hour. This process known as the burning-in method will kill any possible contamination that is already present in the unit even before it is used for cooking. The initial smoking process will in effect provide a protective covering for the barbecue smoker.

6. Safety Tips

When using a barbecue smoker be sure that there is sufficient ventilation in the area where the unit is located. This will prevent the fumes from choking family and friends. It would also limit the chances of a build-up of dangerous toxins brought about by excessive smoke.

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