Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Best Charcoal Grills Less Than $ 100

The traditional barbecue in the summer to be high on the list of things to do in this summer. Chicago area real estate has a lot on the top floor of a building to the network. Other units may have gas connections that already exist and is waiting for the installation of a gas stove. However some traditional barbecue enthusiasts and hard core to say that coal is the way to go. Therefore, along with the fact that many of them may be on a budget, shopping and a good charcoal grill at affordable prices is a priority. You could easily spend a few hundred to a gourmet barbecue, but if they are the key components and materials used are not cheap, you can save your money for some large pieces of meat in its place. For less than $ 100 you can buy a network that can be used more than one season on the balcony of your apartment or terrace behind the commitment to deal with it and not let the weather. 

Weber 441001 18.5-Inch One Touch Silver Kettle Grill, BlackThere are some basic patterns for the charcoal grill. Kettle grills are perhaps the most common and really much too large. Circular shape with three or four feet usually, ideal for cooking a typical meal. Legs, four wheels, in many cases, on two legs, so you can easily turn somewhere else. They also often have a small folding wooden rack side which is useful for meeting the food dishes or utensils. There are also differences in the kettle grill is often called portable grills. This style is smaller with more rounded and legs, and shorter flat and are often re-sealable lid or higher. It's great for burgers or hot dogs is usually fast and very convenient, even if sometimes they do not last very long building. There are rectangular coal are very similar to conventional gas ovens. Often, these grills are the heaviest of metal, sometimes made of cast iron cooking surface and control more and more to the temperature of cooking, and so with these key figures in mind, here are some specific examples on the network with the average price sale in 2008.

Weber 741001 22.5-Inch One-Touch Silver Kettle Grill, BlackSilver Weber One-touch kettle grill is a nice grill for both beginning and experienced chef grill. Grill griddle measures the actual 22.5 inches and will hold about six steaks, meat, and a dozen or two dozen hot dogs. Like all good barbecue kettle, and the curved shape reflects the heat to the fairly standard for a cooking term. This grill griddle is made of steel and ceramic coated to prevent rust and peeling. He has three legs and wheels, air vents in aluminum, nylon more ashtrays. Sift the ashes in a box that can be easily removed, and emptied. Values in this grill range from about $ 65 to $ 100. Weber BBQ grill is great in any other place to go. This grill is the smallest of steel and coated with porcelain and has three loops of nylon. Monitors a grill of heavy galvanized steel and the axis of rotation of the legs and lock for easy transport. You can set a lot of food to 160 square inches of cooking space. Transition costs anywhere around $ 45.

Old Smokey Charcoal Grill #18 (Medium)Old Smokey BBQ Grill is available in three sizes, but with all the same high standards. These grills may have shorter legs so that you can sit and grill, if you have tired to stay and be deeper, so that the charcoal fire is very close to the meat. This allows the meat to cook without burning. Is aluminized steel body smokeless grill to help prevent rust. Little Smoky great for a person to take on trips or for those who are grilled just two or three people. It is very reasonable about $ 35.

Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18 1/2 Inch SmokerSmoky Classic is a good size for cooking for 4-6 people. It measures about 27 cm and a diameter of 18 inches. Classic costs about $ 47 to $ 50. And a lot of appetite or patio, cannot Old Smokey Jumbo deal with it. Jumbo will cost about $ 70.

There are dozens of other models and makes of coal barbecue, but these examples should give an idea of what you need to start your grilling adventures. Then open the balcony door, and hit the patio or balcony, and all the symbols.

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