Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weber Charcoal Grill - Why So Popular?

There are some products whose shape is so iconic that the same type of dominant species. For example, what image comes to mind when saying 'barbecue grill' ? Mostly people, these two words are reminiscent of a picture from a round object into a light tripod with a cover dome. In the minds of the paying public, a general term, in this case, the barbecue has come to mean a single product - the Weber Charcoal Grill. This is an astonishing when you think about it. Here, however, the association is justified. The Weber charcoal grill has become synonymous with barbecue grills, it is amazing.

Back in 1950. All external grilles were the same. A grid was a square, flat object based on four feet. The coal is gone in a single layer on the bottom. The grid is left on the grill, almost touching. The flat top grill has gone on over the rest. That was it. You could grill up hot dogs, hamburgers and steaks and chops, perhaps, but that was it. He could not really control the heat of the fire or the amount of webbing from the heat and the operation of the above mask is to prevent the incineration of food inevitably happen very quickly. This type of network was really just a brazier was mass production and humanity were "barbecue" for centuries. Naturally, it was easy terms is a starting point for controlled fire outside the kitchen, but in terms of food quality was a joke.

In 1952, a boy named George Stephens, Sr bored with the status quo BBQ. George has worked for Weber Brothers Metal Works, a company which manufactured marine buoys. Got a company of buoys, cut in the middle and upper dome style for a cover. The Charcoal Grill Weber was born. George began to make these networks to their neighbors, and surrounding neighbors. Soon, the supply could not keep up with demand. In a short time, the network has become the Weber barbecue grill chef for the distinction.

As the Weber charcoal grill so popular? The secret is flexibility. Unlike traditional barbecue grills, the Weber form around a domed top and create a reflective surface, which intensifies the baking heat of the fire charcoals. This allows the network to create high internal temperatures, in turn, can quickly sear food cooking. The object in many Middle Eastern food is to burn the outside while the juices of the food still inside. A Weber charcoal grill makes it particularly well. Another advantage of a Weber charcoal grill is more than a traditional space grid. The curved shape creates more space inside the network, and more space means more room for cooking. You can cook roasts and turkeys to Weber with ease. You can cook, too, more food, period. Since the round shape radiates heat evenly, no "cold spots" or "hot spots" where food is over-or under-cooked. Finally, the round top and bottom of the network, along with the placement of the nozzles, creates an induction on the network. This means that warm air circulating around the web of cold air enters through openings on the bottom and warm air from the valve is higher. The move means that the temperature inside the grill and these temperatures also mean food cooked evenly.

Today, the Weber Grill is the king of the BBQ grill world. If you've never cooked on one, do yourself a favor. Take a Weber charcoal grill today and see how innovation can lead to better food.

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