Thursday, January 12, 2012

Knowledge of The Charcoal

BBQ chef, probably, char name their favorite brands and promises on their own and swore that on some brands, but you still need to be consistent and depends on the conditions of coal used in coal based on knowledge of the case.

The cells are manufactured in two basic methods. Was developed centuries ago as a piece of hard wood. It's actually made of wood heating is slowed by adding oxygen to take the day without having to fill out. How to use this table to any removal of water, tar, methane and other chemicals in the wood, leaving almost pure carbon. This technique leave the wood and wood Lump wood raw material consumption, heat and weight, only four of the original weight.

1897, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford and the Ford vehicle factory to wood dust in EU Kingsford Michigan scrap wood briquettes. For outdoor cooking. Sawdust and wood chip are really made of almost pure carbon in oven / cooking items. This additive is pulverized and added to the formula and process for 1897 approved by the briquettes and in combination with chemical patents were not much has changed since then.

Other programs to play, charcoal, and in fact there is no significant difference in the product. The former is chosen, the coherence of the sector, coal burning hot, but the most commonly used when the grill can be used to build a fire. The briquettes can be used to produce a number of them are like animals.

Coal fires, adding wax accelerant such as coal, which can lead to a fire better than that, but many purists do not detract from the requirement, but the food will taste. It is more comfortable.

A kind of coal that you enter will be your responsibility. Many tried to find the name of each brand and variety you need to make your decision based on the results to help. The same type, and each time, every time you grill into a professional category and are more likely to progress and better results every time you use the program at a time.

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