Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Coleman 2-Burner Stove

Coleman 2-Burner Fold 'N Go InstaStart Stove

Product Features

  • Folds In Half For Easy Storage And Transportation With A Locking Handle For Secure Handling
  • InstaStart Matchless Lighting
  • Powerful 20,000 BTU Burners
  • Extra Large Cooking Area, Accommodates Up To 12 Inch Pans
  • Uses 16.4 Ounce Propane Fuel Cylinder, Sold Separately
Coleman 2-Burner Fold 'N Go InstaStart Stove
The Coleman Fold 'N Go two-burner stove is ideal for the camper who cares about portability while depending on the most trusted brand in Family Camping, Coleman. The stove is about 25% more compact than traditional two-burner stoves, and is ideal for carrying since the burners can be folded together into an easy carrying stove. Each burner has 10,000 BTU's of power and can be used on low to simmer a sauce or on high to boil water quickly. It has a 13-inch wide diameter that makes it great for the campsite.

Customer Reviews
 Big Capacity, Compact Storage

I've never been a fan of propane stoves. They always seemed flimsy, made for those toy-sized backpacking pots and pans and potentially dangerous - until now. After two weeks of RV-ing, the Fold 'N Go has become a welcome addition to our set up.

It is very sturdy and seems extremely well made. The wide separation of the two burners and heavy-duty pot supports allow for two large, heavy fry pans and/or stock pots at one time. Few stoves of any kind can handle simultaneous large pots. And it seems very stable when set on a table.

And because it folds in half and becomes its own carry-case, even though it handles such large tasks, it's easy to carry and takes up very little storage space. It also has an instant start feature - you just turn the nob and then press a button and that's it. You're ready to cook.

And after you're done, clean up is a snap. Unlike other stoves where you have to take them all apart to try and get at that nasty, spattered grease, this one is pretty much all sealed - just take the pot supports off, wipe off underneath, flip the pot supports over to store inside and then Fold 'N Go!

It's great to get cooking moved outside the RV - especially for things like frying bacon or cooking anything that gives off a lot of steam. And because our meals seem to entail usually one or the other, we plan on getting an extension hose off our main propane tank to run this frequently in the future.

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