Friday, November 26, 2010

Perfect Fry Turkey

Bake Turkey may seem little strange to think, but believe me, do not go as you. Fry Turkey is moist and delicious, and nothing.

Of course, this idea should be fried a turkey in the south, the capital of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the United States, but have grown in popularity throughout the country. In fact, some have participated recently in the South Central Los Angeles had three fried turkeys going. Several neighborhood groups came together and shared the price of oil and special tools are needed for this dish. Clearly that his pictures are most popular.

Besides Turkey, you need pot rooms: 40 or 60, and stir fry basket or the hardware in Turkey as well as propane tank and burner, a candy / fry thermometer, meat thermometer and many oil. Use oils high smoke points, such as corn, peanut or canola oil. You also need to fire extinguishers, and many of the bondholders with a larger boat in the area. Injector marinades and spices add the meat is good to have, but you can do without the usual Turkey. As Turkey goes, smaller birds are better for frying. Try uses not more than 15 pounds. For the tastiest of the birds before cooking, it can inject turkey with choice of marinade and massage dry spices. In addition, it takes about 3 1 / 2 to 5 liters of oil to fry Turkey.

Because oil is so combustible, you should never cook turkey indoors. Place the pan in the open on the floor, or landscaping. Boil the wooden decks can be ignited. They also want to avoid concrete surfaces, if you do not mind smudges. Keep fires extinguisher nearby.

Before you start determine the amount of its oil needs, set the placement of basketball Turkey and the pot. Add water two inches above the turkey. Take the turkey and note the water level ruler to measure the distance between the surface of the water to measure potting. Remove from water and dry the pot. Now add enough oil, which represents the water levels in Turkey in the pot.

Use a thermometer, heat the oil about 325 up to 350 degree F. This is usually 20 or 30 minutes. When the oil is hot enough, put the Turkey in the basket or the suspension of Turkey and slow down in the pot. Estimate cooking time by size of Turkey ( three minutes per pound). Remove Turkey and check the temperature of the meat thermometer. The temperature in 170 F breast and 180 F are in the thigh.

Nozzle, which is similar to a large needle, which marinate the direct injection of meat. Although it is possible fried turkey without this step and a moist bird, it's delicious, if you take the time to make the bird for half an hour, and so the marinade before baking. .

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